Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kris Kuksi: Unceasingly Byzantine

It is the unending duty of every human to sort out his relationship to, and place in, the byzantine catacombs of human history. It is up to each generation to discover what complacent part they play in the historical injustices of their world, and act appropriately. For after accepting our world contingent lives we must also accept the truth of the worlds condition. Here, in the early 21st century, we find ourselves more challenged than any generation before, with seemingly unceasing, inexhaustible, digital access to the details of our history we are constantly learning, re-learning, readjusting, and taking responsibility for the world. This is the aesthetic knowledge that is imbued in the multimedia assemblages of artist Kris Kuksi. His assemblages of mass-produced cultural and pop-cultural items into singular, amalgamated visions of humanity in metaphor, offer us a chance to view the task laid before us as humans: to try to create a coherent narrative from the fragmented, complex fields, nooks, and halls of our collected histories. His works remind us that our actions in life, our choices will ultimately determine what place in these piles of statues that we will take, if any at all.

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