Thursday, October 8, 2009

God On Trial

God On Trial, I ran across this show produced by Masterpiece for PBS a while ago when it was aired on my local PBS station, and thought it was enthralling and interesting both dramatically and philosophically. The plot of the piece is that a group of prisoners at Auschwitz that have survived the gas chamber selection process have decided to put God on trial for the injustices being suffered by his chosen people. A judge is selected, along with a prosecutor and a defense advocate. One by one witnesses are called to testify on both the horrific things which have happened to their families up to their arrival at the death camp, and the cherished parts of their lives. Anyone that has read philosophical dialogues knows that they can be extremely tedious and quite boring if not done properly, but this one is well constructed and keeps your attention.

You Can Purchase A Copy of The DVD through the PBS website here.
There is also strong illegal distribution of this show, because it's quite good.
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